Zunamic – Our business name represents Speed, Agility, Dynamics, and Efficiency!

Zunamic is a blend of two words (aka portmanteau) which are “Zun” for El Zun Zun (Spanish for ‘Hummingbird’) & the word “Dynamic”. As animal enthusiasts, the founders of Zunamic have always enjoyed bird watching and found that hummingbirds were naturally drawn to their home’s native California landscape in masses during the warm months and would ‘zoom zoom’ around all day enjoying the nectar of the flowers. As the business launched they wanted to capture the essence of the hummingbird and its dynamic agility as it resembled their work ethic and attitude toward technology.

Zunamic offers Law Firms & Small Businesses efficient, economical and experienced Technology services tailored for small groups in Orange County, Irvine, and LA. We specialize in Cloud Technology and implementing cost effective solutions for your firm & business. Our team has worked in the legal industry & small business for 10+ yrs with a diversified portfolio. Our solutions include everything a business needs to eliminate in-house IT infrastructure while at the same time lowering costs overall to make it reliable and efficient. Our expertise includes Office 365, Google Apps, Dropbox, Microsoft Office, Windows & Mac, Clio, Lexis Nexis, IT Consulting, Website Design, WordPress, Graphic Design, and traditional technical software & hardware support.

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