This is one nifty tool that you can use to spell check your website instantly called Typosaurus and can be visited at with its clever domain name included in the name too, genius. With this online web tool you can check an entire website just by typing in a web address / URL, and even do multiple pages at a time. And there’s more… its free and has a Chrome Extension available for those that want it integrated with their browser.

Typosaurus is one of the best website spell checkers available and comes with no attachments like sending you offers or having you sign up just to use it like other types of online utilities. It is clean, user-friendly, and just works.  Of course there are more bells and whistles it could have like some have pointed out on the Google Chrome Reviews but it beats having to go through each page one by one. And for those WordPress designers out there that want to keep their sites litter-free, it is one-less plugin to worry about.

Now there is one caveat to this review, it does pickup fanciful words, and unique software names unique to certain industries like law firms, and the legal industry. This isn’t a glitch as I don’t blame it as its not realistic to think that Typosaurus will have every fanciful word or industry software in its dictionary. So use it like a tool, and double check it as it may come up with some errors that are false. For example our business name is the unique word “Zunamic” which is made up of course and it generates lots of errors with the Typosaurus but its not big deal, I just overlook those and move on to the next. Just FYI as you review the screenshots below as I dont want you to think I have butter fingers on the keyboard lol.

Here are some screenshots of my experiences with it.



Visit Typosaurus, type in your web address manually, or copy and paste a list of them like I did using notepad.

Zunamic Website Spell Checker Typosaurus



Wow, 37 errors on my pages! Geez, and I thought my cat typed pretty badly, I got nothing on her 🙂

Now let’s move on to the next shot and see what happened.




OK that makes sense now, it sees my company name “Zunamic” as an error. Wait a minute, it thinks it means “lunatic“, nope not a chance as I think I like the other one “dynamic” instead lol. Lets ignore that one… really.

And yes lets ignore the others like “CosmoLex“, “Timeslips“, “FreshBooks“, “OneDrive“, and the others. All of these are just fanciful words. Time to move on to the next one below.


Typosaurus Spell Check Results



Ok here we go, my favorite bird is missing the “g” in it, so thanks Typosaurus you did your job! Lets fix that one right away. Of course ignore the others as those are fanciful words that are unique.



Now of course I had a few others that were just boring typos but out of all of them there were a total of 4 true errors out of the initial 37 found. No big deal like I said before but its best to be safe and use a tool like Typosaurus and double check things as it does catch false positives like fanciful names, and unique software names. Hope you enjoyed my review and feel free to post any comments below.

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